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and our founder Carolyn Alchin

I am the founder of Career Motivate. I started this business Career Motivate to help people, particularly in their working lives. My experiences in business, education, recruitment, career counselling and career development over the last 20 years have inspired me to empower organisations, improve wellbeing, build communities and support individuals to see and action their potential.


Career Motivate empowers our clients to find achievable, affordable, effective and engaging ways to solve their challenges and maximise their opportunities. 
We are experienced and have expertise in recruitment, educational design, teaching, mental health, training products, research, marketing and project management that enables us to provide holistic solutions to groups, and individuals. 

​Career Motivate exists to enable innovation, excellence, and success in businesses, organisations and the community through engaging resources, strong relationship management and a commitment to quality. We look forward to meeting you.

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