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Choose from the below options to better understand how Career Motivate can help you build your future. We enable organisations, students, schools, parents, professionals and communities to be more successful. We even offer interview coaching! Let us help you. We offer face to face and online consults, and of course workshops and education facilitation. 


Career Motivate provides Career Counselling, Job application support, and Career coaching to support you to be your best professional self. We can meet you in person or online.



Need help making career decisions? Feel confused, or stuck? We can help you unpack your options, identify those that would suit you, and set a plan to make it work.


We can help your young people explore careers, understand university and vocational education options, and build plans for their future.

Image by Amy Hirschi


Be your best YOU at interview. Are you worried about speaking positively? Get nervous in front of strangers? Career Motivate has evidence based strategies and activities to help.

University, School, Business

Career Motivate has helped universities, industry organisations, and businesses to design, implement and assess their career and employability curriculum



As an industry heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the AFL recently partnered with ADAPT 2020 to provide career development training and support for our people who have been stood down and looking for new temporary employment opportunities. The impact to our people during these difficult and unprecedented times has been far reaching and goes beyond the loss of financial income.
The team at ADAPT 2020 has tailored and delivered an engaging, authentic, and practical online career development program that helped participants across the AFL industry regain confidence, a sense of identity, employability, and preparedness for their short-term and future career pathways.

Australian Football League- Product course Adapt 2020

Carolyn Alchin is an outstanding career development practitioner. She has the capacity to bring creative, intelligent solutions to difficult problems, and generate career learning programs that engage students and integrate with curricula.

Dr Peter McIlveen

I was working full time, and I did not really know what my next step could be, Carolyn helped me understand my strengths and my future opportunities.

Tess Baxter

After applying for endless amounts of jobs and getting rejection email’s galore, I took your advice and started looking at other industries which I could transfer my skills across too. I was recently interviewed. Something I would never of thought to apply for but when looking at the job description, I had all the skills! I must of outlined the other skills enough in my cover letter to be considered for an interview, so thank you and I was successful in gaining the role.

Lisa Rudd

Career Motivate worked with me and my son to help him to find a course that would suit his interests and needs. It made the process so much easier, and it helped me understand how I can help him moving forward.

Stella Davies

Your course was inspiring and so useful. It has really given me a boost during this difficult time and has renewed my belief that I can access great opportunities.

Andrew Bones

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